Welcome to Humphrey and Hambly Steel

Humphrey and Hambly Steel was established in 1947 and produces Otter and Trawl Boards that are requested internationally. We are based in Ballina, New South Wales though service most of Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

We specialise in Otter/Trawl Board manufacturing and also provide the following:

  • General steel fabrication
  • Steel supplies
  • Stainless steel and aluminum fabrication
  • Otter board, trawl board manufacturing and repairs
  • Welding and mobile welding services
  • Commercial and domestic services
  • Spot welding

What’s an Otter Board?

Otter Boards (or Trawl Boards) are large, heavy, square or rectangular plates of metal or weighted wood attached to the trawl lines on each side of the mouth of a trawl net to maintain lateral spread during trawling. See Fig 1 for and example of practical use:

Fig. 1